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November 17, 2010



Sheldon is beautiful!


1. He's so tiny and adorable!
2. SO jealous that you got to name a pet Sheldon! Chris refuses to get me another cat to name Sheldon.
3. Um... you have a Penny and a Sheldon. Could it be any more perfect? Maybe a Leonard to round out the group next?
4. I think it's funny that he likes a strict schedule, just like the real Sheldon.
5. As for a middle name, I think you should just make his official name "Dr. Sheldon Cooper." That's how we did it with Liz Lemon (our cat).


Thanks Cindy! I didn't know you had an alias and a blog! I'll have to add it to my Google Reader. :-)

LOL @ Katie! I knew you'd like the name! I read your comment to Joel. Neither one of us thought about the strict schedule thing. You're so right! He's just like his name-sake. I love the name of your cat. SO cute! And don't think that just because I have a doggy Sheldon you couldn't have a kitty Sheldon. They'll likely never meet anyway. lol Oh, and Joel and I joked about getting more Dachshunds and having the whole crew...Leonard, Wolowitz, and Kuthrapolie.(sp?) LOL How funny would that be! I think Wolowitz would be a great name. Dr. Sheldon Cooper is, of course, my fave, though. PS. I will admit this to you and Joel only, but I have already sang Soft Kitty to him. :-P


Ummm... The FIRST thing we did when we got Lemon was sing "Soft Kitty" to her. It happens at least once a week. And yeah... Wolozitz would be such a good pet name!

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