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June 29, 2009



HAHA! I just blogged about True Blood too! That's so funny. I posted my blog, then checked to see if any that I follow were updated, and BAM! You blogged about it too. It's getting seriously seriously crazy now. I mean what in the world is up with that crazy minotaur thing... and the scratches on whats-her-face's back?! I've stopped watching other shows in the past because of how crazy they got (Heroes), but TB makes no apologies for the crazy... I think that's why I love it so much. And I suppose because I have a thing for vampire movies/tv shows/books, too (Buffy, Twilight, True Blood, etc...)


You are right, I don't watch those show but I don't watch TV much at all....just Days when I can.
Ok now, tell Bibbi what's up with Joel? Hope it is not serious....knee, shoulder? Hope it is better real soon whatever it is.
Hope your stuffy head, cough and such are better quickly too.
Ya'll take care.
Love ya Heapes, Bibbi
ps. Monday is my day to keep the girls, so I will have all three of my GRANDS today again. Come to think of it, I have had all three the last three days. No wonder I am tired. lol All that playing!


Hey Rischa, Conratulations on the Anniversary! Wishing your next ten are just as nice and the best of health to you and your family!

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