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May 13, 2008



Sorry you had some bad moments this day but happy to read what you are thankful for and what makes you feel better. I love the pictures of Fern and I that you fixed. also love the cup that she sent me as a result of the pictures you fixed for her. Yes, I am looking so forward to meeting her in person one day. I feel so close to her already though. Cyber friends can turn out to be great...she is, and I know you have some too.
You don't even have to get me started on what a great kid Kolby is. There is not enough room on here for that.....all of my kids and grandkids are great.
Thanks for all of your work with everything...can't wait to see the picture you painted. What about a peek at it????
Hope every day from now on will be just wonderful for you.

Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi

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