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January 01, 2008



Cute puppy....Looks a lot like my long haired Jack Russell, Shaggy. Maybe you can take suggestions from your readers on names for the puppy. I will be thinking what I can come up with too. Personality names them sometimes??? Good luck!
Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi


Yiiiiipeeeeee It finally let me leave a comment. Can't believe it. I missed commenting.
All the picutres and videos are really cute of the puppy.
What is "kiosk"? or should I ask? lol
I am looking for a new phone also. Mine is dead part of the time....needs an upgrade. I have had it for a long long time. Let me know what is a good one. I have compared some but have not come up with one yet.
Love Ya Heapes, Bibbi


I love Rain Man.. Too funny!!!!

What a sweet little baby boy!!! You sure you're going to be able to part with him?


OMGosh, those videos are tooooooo cute! I'm so happy to be back to the blogging world, I just had to have a look at yours! LOL

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