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February 23, 2006



Call me when you get out of the doctor's office to let me know what he says. Hopefully he can put you on some different meds that will help.
Nothing much happening around here that is not the same old same old. Nothing much changes but the one traffic light and sometimes it gets stuck.
I talked to Preacher Dale last night, he had been to see Eydee. He said that she had no response when he prayed with her and talked to her. He said, "nothing short of a mircle from God would change things now". She is all I have been thinking about lately too. God has his reasons for wanting her to come home now. We just have to have faith in trying to understand what it is.
Got to go get ready for work now. Don't forget to call me when you get out of the doctor's office.
I Love You Heapes, Mama

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