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January 13, 2006



I like all of your tags....but especially the one that Candice did. It looks like you should be holding one of your little Tea Cups, (that Mrs. Dyson gave you)having "HIGH TEA" with your friends. Ta Ta Ladies...lol Have you collected enough now to have a Tea Party? And speaking of sales that we love, I went to one of my favorite Thrift Stores today after my doctores appointment ( you know shopping is good for whatever ails you) and got some good buys. I got 7 Ty Beanie Babies, two larger stuffed toys, a sweater, pants, vest (outfit put together) 2 mens shirts, 2 pairs of shoes, a stainless steal bowl and a really cute jacket all for $30.00. Good huh? oh yea, and a toy for your Suggies. Now it is fuss time...I saw what time you checked your e-mail...Not good. I am going to put you in time out ( sleeping earlier) Listen to your Mommie now cause she knows best!
Love Ya Heapes, Mommie


ROFL....shame on me. That darn message tag got me into trouble, didn't it? I know...I need to have better sleeping habits. I slept off and on, though. What time DID I check email? I may have only been up for a few minutes......do you buy that? LOL...didn't think so. :-P I love you! Will that get me out of trouble? Hehe....oh well. I'm going to my corner now to pout. LOL Love you!

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